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Grant has worked in private capital markets for more than 10 years, with particular focus on private equity, and credit and distressed opportunities.

Grant began his work in finance markets while an academic at the University of Auckland and the Australian National University. Between 1989 and 2001 he lectured on economics, business history, corporate finance and private equity, and led a series of research projects on analysing the development of business in the twentieth century and the empirical analysis of private capital markets. He has authored over fifty academic articles, two books, and continues to publish in scientific journals.

In 2001 Grant joined Wilshire Associates Incorporated, researching and building Asian private equity and distressed debt portfolios for a global investor base located in Australia, Japan, U.S.A and Europe. He was also a member of the firm’s global investment committee and led the private market division’s research program. Between 2006 and 2010 Grant was located in Japan, establishing the firm’s North Asian research team.

Grant holds Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in economics from the University of Auckland.

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